Do you feel like you are paying too much to live in the UK?

There are cities in the UK that are a lot more expensive to live in than a number of other major cities around the world, especially London. Within these cities even people with a relatively high income are finding that their cost of living has increased significantly.

In London it has become almost impossible to rent or buy a home unless you club together with a number of other people, but this does not suit everyone particularly families who need their own space.

In the UK as a whole it has also been noted that a number of products although exactly the same specification can actually be purchased cheaper abroad. Phones are a great example of this, and can seem a very unfair practice to UK buyer who in this economy are struggling to stretch the pound.

After partaking in their own research and using statistics from Moneo (a crowd-sourced data firm), 247Moneybox have produced an infographic that shows that London indeed is not a cheap place to live, but there are also more expensive as well as cheaper placed to live.

You can view the infographic in full below: