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The 5 Personal Finance Rules We All Break

We all know we could make our money go further – or, at least, have some of that pay cheque left by the time the next one rolls around. And yet, no matter how hard we budget, we often still struggle with our finances. In the end, we end up paying the price for being...

The Gig Economy: What Is It and Is It Right For You?

The gig economy is booming. And you can thank the internet for its meteoric rise, making it easier for people to network, promote their services and, ultimately, be their own boss. That, in a nutshell, is what the gig economy is: Work based on short-term contracts and...

Clean Up Your Credit Rating: How to Check and Remove Mistakes

Your credit rating is an overview of your financial history, commonly used to help prospective lenders decide whether or not to offer you credit. From getting a phone contact to getting a mortgage, a lot can be affected by your credit score. This means keeping it...