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Why the NIC U-Turn Isn’t Over for Self-Employed

The self-employed took a collective sigh of relief last week, when Chancellor Philip Hammond announced a dramatic U-turn on raising Class 4 national insurance contributions. But the news doesn't mean the self-employed are out of the woods yet.The Chancellor's...

Savers Get Help Thanks to New Market-Leading Bond

You might've missed it, eclipsed by the uproar over national insurance contribution hikes for the self-employed, but Philip Hammond's Budget 2017 did offer some help for savers who are feeling the pinch. This is all down to the new market-leading bond which is going...

What is Your Credit Rating and How Can You Improve It?

How good is your credit rating? That's an individual score given to you to help lenders understand whether they should lend to you, and if so, it helps determine the amount they'll give you.Your entire credit rating is founded on – unsurprisingly – your past credit...