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Bank of England Blames Brexit for Falling Consumer Spending

The Bank of England's governor, Mark Carney, has said that the 'Brexit effect' is starting to take hold as we see a slowdown consumer spending. Many economists and financial experts have been warning since the June 23rd referendum that the slowdown was possible, even...

Should You Treat Your Personal Finance like Running a Business?

Something that we've heard recently is the idea that people should 'run their finances like a business'. It may sound like a motivational soundbite, but we think that there may well be some truth behind it. After all, the purpose of a business is to be profitable,...

Are You Part of the 34% Not Saving for a Pension?

It’s been well-documented that savings rates for UK households are fairly abysmal – a report from the Lords Exclusion Committee found that 40% of all savers have less than £100 stashed away. But no less worrying is a recent study from lender Lending Works that shows...