Are you putting away money each month into your pensions pot?

According to research performed by online lender 247Moneybox, only 1% of people asked were prioritising saving for their pansion.

The worrying news showed that the trend of “living for the moment” is unfortunately popular with a high percentage of people.

The survey therefore revealed that a large number of respondents had not considered or had underestimated the cost of living once they had retired.

To receive approximately £17,000 a year income from your pension you would need to have put away £300,000 into a pension pot.

If you’re still not convinced and would like to know what else £300,00 can get you, have a look at the infographic bellow.

One lavish “YOLO” (you only live once) experience would be to rent the whole of Alton Towers for 3 days!

See the infographic below for the full results:

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Main Image Source – Image By Jan TIk